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Timani is a music-physiological method developed by Norwegian pianist Tina Margareta Nilssen. It aims to give musicians knowlege of anatomy and of how it applies to playing an instrument. In times where more and more performers suffer from chronic pain and other injuries it is vital for any professional musician to be uptodate with research-based knowledge of the body. Timani is a very efficient way for developing a enduring and reliable technique, exploring unused potential of one's body and recovering from injuries. The musician's most important tool is the body and learning to use it in a sustainable and natural way is essential for any long-lasting career.

If you wish to know more about Timani, feel free to write me a message in the contact page! I am a Timani teacher myself and have been teaching it for a number of years.



Leif Ove Andnes talking about recovering from an injury and his experience with Timani

Leif Ove Andsnes in interview about musicians´ health and finding the right method.
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