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Samuel Barber's Hermit Songs

- with Olivia Doutney

In March 2020, we had the honor of recording Barber's Hermit Songs at the studio of the University of the Arts Bern. The CD will come out later this year and we're excited to share this great music with you.

3 Ausschnitte aus RomancENDreS

3 Ausschnitte aus RomancENDreS

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- with Malena Pflock

RomancENDreS is a performance which combines music by Schumann, Liszt and Holliger and explores other facets of the music using interviews made with the composer Heinz Holliger himself, aswell as conversations with people who have had experienced mental illnesses. Parts of these interviews are heard at different times during the concert and offer the possibility to the listener to hear the performed music through different ears. Throughout the concert, the audience is invited to move around in order to witness the performance from different angles. The listener can choose to sit on a chair near the cello, on a table near the entrance or can lie on a mat in the back of the hall. What results is a very intimate setting where boundaries between the performers, the audience and the music fade.


Salonkonzertchen is a newly-founded association aiming to bring back the house concert and adapted it to our present time. As the musicians are sponsored by third-party funds, such a house concert can be afforded by anyone and can take place anywhere, in any social setting. Furthermore, the styles of music are often diverse, spreading from classical music to Pop and Jazz. More information can be found at:

A press coverage of one of the first concerts is available on the PRESS page.

181215 Hauskonzert HKB Philippe Gaspoz O

Silberwellen in Lenk, 2018

Silberwellen was a intergenerational project where 4 music students created a musical program together with people of an older generation, using the stories of their lifes as inspiration and a basis for the dramturgy of the whole performance. The following trailer conveys an insight into the result. A press coverage is available on the PRESS page.